Vauxhall is set to end its sponsorship deal with England when the current contract expires in 2018 after the World Cup in Russia.

The firm will not renew deals with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well, according to reports.

The car company issued a statement that says it would sever links with the national football associations after the World Cup.

“Vauxhall Motors today announced that it will be stepping down from its role as lead sponsor of the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland football teams beyond the World Cup in 2018.

“Vauxhall has, however, agreed to explore other opportunities to continue its relationship with the FAs beyond the conclusion of the existing contracts. Since 2011, Vauxhall has been very proud to be the lead sponsor for each of the four home nations football associations, the first time this has ever been undertaken by a major organization,” the statement from the company read.

The deal gives at least £6million to the English FA – an agreement reached in 2011 but subsequently renewed. The firm has been actively involved in the tournaments of the teams, with the most recent being Euro 2016 in France.

The English FA have confirmed that the deal with the auto makers would not continue after the current arrangement.

“We’ve enjoyed a strong partnership with Vauxhall since they started and will continue to develop exciting plans as we look to qualify for the World Cup in Russia next year.

“After that we will go to market for a new England lead partner, which represents an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with England football fans throughout the country. The opportunity to partner with the national team in the largest sport in the world can be transformative,” the FA’s statement reads.

Obviously the FA’s response was well suited. They decided to bask in the latest 2-0 victory over Lithuania so fans will think of the forthcoming World Cup. Then they added words that sold their brand, setting the foundation for others who might be interested.