England lack quality players

England was beaten 3-2 by France in an international friendly, but there are now many questions that are being raised.

Is the England team good enough? Many pundits were claiming that this England team is one of the most exciting ever with players such as Kane and Ali. But things did not go as plan in the match against France.

France was the much better team and manage to beat England comfortably even with ten matches for most of the second half. They were creating occasions whenever they wanted, and England failed to match the pace and the strength that they had all around the pitch.

To make matters worse, the England manager Gareth Southgate chose to experience a new formation in this match, and the England players were confused about their position on the pitch. The England central defenders were dragged out of position quite easily with the pace and the trickery of the French attacking players.

With the World Cup less than a year from now, England appears to be a team that is a work in progress, and Gareth Southgate has a lot of work if he wants England to be a competitive team at the World Cup in Russia.

Some pundits believe that England players are not good enough when compared with the French players. France has a good training program that allows them to develop a good number of quality players. This allows them to have a big pool of players to choose from.

However, this is not the case in England where the big clubs are more concerned about buying established players. Many have criticized the Premier League for being the reason for this lack of quality players in the England team.

England may have the best club league in the world, but they will have to sacrifice their national team.