England players should be tougher

New England manager Gareth Southgate believes that England players should learn to become tougher mentally.

He said that this had been a major issue for England for quite some time and it needs to be addressed if they want to do well at a major tournament.

For the England manager, the national selection has some great players and that they are as good as any other teams. However, he believes that England players have a mental problem and that they struggled to cope mentally in the big games.

He said that the players should learn to play under pressure and to cope with the idea that they are among the favorites at tournaments. He said that this is normal given the fact that the Premier Leauge is considered as being the best league in the world and there will be expectations for the England national team to challenge for trophies.

Gareth Southgate said that he would be giving more opportunities to the players to participate in the tactical preparation. He believes that this will provide the players with more confidence during matches and ensure they can manage the stress level.

He believes that the players should also have a say in how the team plays as they are the one on the pitch. More often than not he has seen players offer the best solutions on how to play the game than coaches.

Gareth Southgate said that England has some great potential and it is up to him to find a way to tap into this potential and ensure that they play at their best level at major tournaments. He believes that the national team has been underperforming for so long and that there need to be some changes if they want to challenge for trophies.