Scarcity and abundance to humans are different things. To nature, the same. The man who can’t afford a one squared meal and the one who can’t figure out what to do with his next $1 billion will complain to their respective friends about how hard and unfair life is.

Former England midfielder, Frank Lampard, currently in charge of Chelsea can be said to possess one of the most youthful richly talented squad in England and nothing else screams that than watching him complain about how he is going to fit Kovacic, Kante and Jorginho into the same line up.

When you complain about abundance, one of the most potent way nature helps you out is to start reducing the supply of such abundance, to help you clear your head and have better judgement. For a team that enjoys an outpouring of young superstars, injury layoffs are more of a blessing for the coach than a curse for the player.

After dominating the Blues midfield, establishing himself as an indisputable player no matter the manager involved at the club, N’GoloKante has had to face competitions from the Serbian Mateo Kovacic and the Brazilian Jorginho.

An injury to Kante has however, over the weeks reduced the competition and have gone a step further to reveal how much of an understanding pair Kovacic and Jorginho is.

Alas, for Frank Lampard, the French man’s return from injury is giving him a lot of happy headache and he’s all out to find out how to keep his Three Musketeers happy and together at the same time.

“In terms of N’Golo, of course he’s huge for us – he’s one of the best midfield players in the world and has been for a few seasons, so I won’t complain about the nice problem I have with him fit,” he said.