The English FA has charged Manchester United for their inability to maintain their sportsmanship in the derby clash with Liverpool. Derbies are always rife with emotions but United players took it a little bit far. Far enough for the FA to notice. Now they are being queried by the body and stand to face some penalties as a result.

The meeting between the two sides remain the biggest feature in England. Should Liverpool win this season’s championship, they will level up to match United as the most successful outfit in the country. The problem is United have ridiculed them for decades since knocking them off their perch but the Reds now stands to come back not only as champions but in a fashion: as invincibles. Only Arsenal have managed to go a whole season without losing a match.

United were the ones who ended it the following season. After failing to beat Liverpool, it is now left for another team with far less motivation to defeat Jurgen Klopp’s men before they become immortal.

As for the derby, United stood no chance. Van Dijk opened the scoring very early on after United failed to make good use of their early press.

Firmino added a second one.Then VAR deemed it to have been scored while David de Gea was still recovering from a challenge.

Before the decision got corrected United players led by their goalie already marched angrily towards the ref of the day exchanging all manner of ways and provoking the match official in the process. De Gea earned himself a yellow card in the process.

Liverpool still added another goal through Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian finished off a counter attack at the death.

United are given till Thursday to respond to the FA’s charges.