Wayne Rooney Upset with Big Sam

While everyone else is upset with Big Sam for him shaming the post of a Three Lions’ coach, Wayne Rooney is upset with him for a different reason.

Analysing his first and only victory as England coach, Sam had stated that nothing was told to Rooney as of his position in the Slovakia match and whichever position he took in the ground, he took it by his own choice.

As per Rooney, he was pained to hear that from Sam because he had obeyed his orders only and did nothing by himself.
Rooney disclosed that when the Three Lions boarded the flight from Slovakia, he and Sam had a word and Sam conveyed his apology. But, even after that apology of the coach, he couldn’t get over it and the disappointment still remained.

A daily quoted Rooney as, “It’s not that I consider myself the boss and I put my name on the team-sheet myself. If my name is on the name-sheet, it’s because of the coach and it’s only the coach who tells me where I should be playing.”

“The Slovakia match was no different. I was told my job and that was to be a controlling figure around the mid-pitch and I did provide some control in that area to be frank.”

“But, Sam suggested that I went anywhere and everywhere and it obviously had got to hurt me because it was incorrect and nowhere close to reality.”

“It’s alright for the viewers or those in the media to say anything, but, not a coach because he knows what job he has given to a player. Sam might have reflected on it and realized that it was off the mark as I got an apology from him later, on the return journey.”